NQ Pension has over 200 managed funds on the list of authorised investments that can be used by advisers and members to build an investment portfolio.

The authorised list of managed funds may be changed or withdrawn and new funds may be added. If any managed funds are withdrawn, we will notify you. We may require you to switch to another managed fund within a period of notice. If you do not give us any direction within this period of notice, we will transfer the relevant monies to your cash account held in the Fund.

Before you make any decision in relation to a managed fund, you should read the Product Disclosure Statement for the relevant Fund (‘managed fund PDS’) available from the AIL displayed in the table below, or on request by phoning 1300 986 450.

Updated information about each managed fund will also be made available on the AIL shown in the table below. However, you should be aware that you may not always have the most current managed fund PDS or updated product disclosures relating to a managed fund at the time that the Trustee applies further contributions or other monies received on your behalf to your nominated managed fund. You will be notified of the occurrence of a materially adverse change or materially adverse significant event affecting information in a managed fund PDS, as soon as practicable, however other changes may be notified on this website or by such other means as the Trustee considers appropriate.

The Trustee reserves the right to refuse or delay any new investments (including new contributions) into a managed fund for whatever reason where it considers necessary or appropriate and does not accept any liability for any loss incurred by a member or prospective member.

You should read the relevant managed fund PDS before making any decision to buy or sell units in any managed fund. When nominating a managed fund/s as your preferred investment option you will be required to acknowledge that you have obtained and read the applicable managed fund PDS. The Trustee is not the issuer of the managed fund PDS.

The list of available managed funds in NQ Pension are shown below. Note that a holding limit applies for a single managed fund or in the aggregate.

Investment Holding Limits.

The Trustee imposes certain limits on the amount that can be invested in certain instruments. The limits relate to single instruments and the Aggregate Holding of the account. These limits help to keep your investment portfolio diversified.

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