NQ Pension members have the ability to select one or more Term Deposits, with varying terms and interest rates.

The minimum investment in a Term Deposit is $5,000. Reduced interest may apply if you close a Term Deposit prior to its maturity date.

The Term Deposit Options may be changed or withdrawn, and new options may be added.

Before you make any decision in relation to an Term Deposit, you should read the Product Disclosure Statement or other disclosure document for the relevant term deposit (‘Term Deposit disclosures’).

If you intend to invest your total account balance in Term Deposit/s, to facilitate the payment of fees and any insurance premiums, at least 5% or $5,000 (whichever is lowest) of your account balance must be maintained in your cash account, subject to a requirement that a minimum balance of $500 is maintained at all times.

This requirement should be taken into account when selecting a Term Deposit for your total account balance. If you forget to do this, we will place at least 5% of your account balance in the cash account, and adjust your nominated Term Deposit(s) accordingly. This allocation will be confirmed to you in writing.

When selecting a Term Deposit, you will be required to acknowledge that you have obtained and read the applicable Term Deposit disclosures. Investing in a Term Deposit can be done through your nominated financial adviser. The Trustee is not the issuer of Term Deposit Disclosures.

Available Term Deposits are shown on the AMG Super Website. NQ Super & Pension is a division of AMG Super.